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Welcome Wellness Workbook
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The world of health, fitness, and wellness is filled with conflicting information and confusing sound bytes that can lead anyone to feeling overwhelmed, undeserving, and uninspired.

No one needs to feel like that, so, I set out on a mission to help you get started on your path towards uncovering a stronger, healthier, and better you!

This is the Welcome Wellness Workbook. It's a resource I created for new clients, which I still use today.  Best of all, it's free for you to download in .pdf format.

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Hip Hip Horray! eBook

We are a culture of professional desk sitters. The majority of our day is spent sitting in some form or fashion and so many experience nagging aches and pains in and around our hips and lower backs.


Your hips aid in simple tasks like getting out of bed, sitting on the toilet, or walking, and if playing with your kids or running are your priority, then taking care of your hips are also your priority.

This is the Hip Hip Horray! eBook.  

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