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About Hive Five

The face, meaning, and story behind Hive Five Wellness.


Hi, I'm Max!
Your Lifestyle Architect

I am here to help you design a healthier and more resilient lifestyle on a foundation of thoughtful and playful inquiry. 

Hive Five in 50 Words

I am on a mission to help you optimize your current health toolkit and learn new skills to expand your perspective of what is possible. I coach and teach in various formats to create a safe learning environment where you feel empowered to succeed in every area of your life.

Why do I do what I do?

Because YOU are worth it.


Simple right?  I think so, too!


I know, you want me to tell you more about why YOU are worth it.  I get it.  A little humble bragging never hurt, right?


So, here we go in no particular order:


  • YOU have the right and potential to live an extraordinary live of wellness!


  • YOU decided to show up – best of all, for yourself!  That’s HUGE!  You deserve to have someone in your corner because what you just did was hard enough, you don’t also need to feel alone while doing it.


  • YOU have something to offer to someone in your life.  It’s a grand idea to share a part of yourself in service to others, but you’re unable to do that if you aren’t healthy, fit, or living a life of wellness, right?  YOUR gifts are worth it, so, I invite you to uncover a life of wellness so YOU can share YOUR gifts with those you love.  They’re worth it, too, right?

My Story

When I look back on my life, I see two distinct paths seemingly at odds with one another. One, the path of the architect, the creator, the problem seeker; the other, the path of the healer, the teacher, on a search for answers.

I'm a NY-born-and-raised licensed Architect and was in that profession for over 15 years until May 2021 when I decided to switch careers. I saw my competing interests resulting in a lack of spiritual abundance, security, and fulfillment and sat unsatisfied MOST of the time. I became jaded, callous, and bitter towards a career I once loved with all my heart.

Now I spend my time guiding people towards experiencing freedom in movement and have more discernable satisfaction and impact than I had in over 15 years toiling away at Architecture. To say I'm enjoying myself doesn't quite do it justice.


It is a privilege to serve you and our communities by guiding you through your own journey of self-uncovery so you can fall in love with life - every day!


Hive Outlook


To help you uncover a healthier and more resilient version of yourself so you can live an empowered life you fall in love with, every day.


To create a learning environment so anyone can live an extraordinary life of wellness.

The Hive

Your Wellness Resource

"Many of us are limited by what we have and don't use."

_Bob Goff

"I closed my eyes to look inward and found a universe waiting to be explored."

_Diego Perez (Yung Pueblo)


Which brings me back to you... 

Are you excited about taking the first steps in your health journey? Wondering what working with me would look like? Let's chat all about it!


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