Hip Hip Horray!

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For professional desk sitters

Let's face it

We really are a culture of desk jockeys.

The majority of our day is spent sitting in some form or fashion and because of this, many people, yourself included, experience nagging aches and pains in your hips and lower back.

Simple aches and pains can make you uncomfortable, but if you're like me, you've at some point felt a throbbing or shooting pain which caused shortness of breath or an inability to walk correctly.

It's a terrible feeling and you don't want to feel it again, right?

That's why I created this page; to help busy corporate professionals with low back & hip pain, like YOU, find relief even with limited resources of time, energy, or money.
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What does that mean?

Sometimes you only have a few minutes to take a break during your day and other times you just don't have the time to go to a gym or the money to hire a personal trainer. 


What's more, I'm guessing that the breaks you take during the day may be spent reading articles or doom-scrolling through social media apps.  Chances are you're sitting while you do that in a strange posture you created to alleviate the pain you were feeling a few minutes ago.

The truth is, I know that deep down inside you want long term and sustainable relief. 


So what are you going to do about it?


Despite months or years of chronic pain and doctor's visits, you don't want to get surgery, cortisone injections, or spend any more money on heat pads.  

When someone tells you to just not do the things that make you feel crappy, it's easier said than done - ESPECIALLY when those things also make you feel good, even if just for a moment. 

But what if there was, in fact, an effective AND easy way?

What if there was a thing you could do for just a few minutes every day, anywhere, which helped promote long term relief?

Would you be interested?


Of course you would!

You just want someone to figure it out for you.

You want an adaptable and versatile user interface.

You want an accessible, easy-to-use system that gets you moving and feeling better, with little effort.

That's why I created the membership page.

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Consider this

If your hips are critical for most movements, a simple dysfunction can mean life doesn't work that well, right?

Here is a short list of simple, mundane tasks that feel next to impossible when suffering from back and hip pain:

  • Getting out of bed

  • Sitting on the toilet

  • Walking

  • Breathing

  • Brushing your teeth

  • Taking a shower

  • Putting on your clothes and shoes

  • Opening your fridge

  • Making breakfast

  • Pouring your morning cup of coffee

  • Picking up...ANYTHING

And all this is before you even make out your door.  No wonder you don't want to get out bed to start your day if you wake up in pain.

Any one task takes EVERYTHING you have just to do it,

and it exhausts you.


Hip Hip Horray!

This exclusive membership page will give you access to a treasure trove of easily digestible information you can use to promote sustainable, habit-building relief from pain.


What you'll get

  • An exclusive membership page dedicated to hip mobility

  • Full class video to follow along with

  • Descriptions and videos for over 20 movements specifically chosen because they help improve hip and low back mobility

  • New movements, tips, and resources added every month

  • Regressions and Progressions to meet you where you are

  • Access to ask me questions about your practice

  • One-Hour Member's only Q&A Zoom call every month

  • Two month membership

Sign up today for $30

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