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Hive Five Wellness

Uncovering fun, functionality, and freedom. 

Hi, I'm Max!
Your Lifestyle Architect

I am here to help you design a healthier and more resilient lifestyle on a foundation of thoughtful and playful inquiry. 


Welcome to The Hive,
You'll like it here.


Hive Five
In 50 Words

I am on a mission to help you uncover a healthier more resilient version of yourself, so you live an empowered life you fall in love with, every day. I provide mentorship focused on empowering you and create an environment for you to sustainably develop an extraordinary life of wellness.


I approach teaching others as if I am walking with them on a path to move and feel better in EVERY aspect of their life, not just a chosen sport, game, or movement practice.

But how?

Scroll down to learn more.


Buzz Worthy


Group and 1-on-1 classes offered throughout the week at various locations for your convenience.  

Not sure which to choose? Schedule a call with me to talk about your needs.

Reignite Your Creativity And


At some point in most of our lives, someone, somewhere, told us our value is created by how efficiently we use our time.  So we stopped playing.

Now it's time to turn that dogma on its head in a uniquely fun and thoughtful way to rebalance your life.

I take boundary setting and rules creation off your plate so you can enjoy your time and


Reconnect To Your Inner Rhythm,

Optimize Your Movements, And 

Whether you think you've been breathing fine for your entire life or if you are recovering from Covid-19-related challenges, breathwork is your key to reduced stress, reduced pain, better sleep, better digestion, optimized movement, and greater strength.

Learn to take the deepest breath of your life in group and private classes.

Take a moment and

Here's what past clients have to say about Hive Five:


"Yoga class with Max is truly great for me. I suffer from constant pain in my neck, shoulder, arms and hands from my car accidents and yoga helps me release the tension that builds up by working all day on computer and seating. Most yoga class are painful for me, but Max's yoga class is healing and relaxing. The breath work with each yoga move helps with my pain without hurting next day. Most other activities are painful for me, but Max's yoga is just opposite of that. Those small, gentle but very effective movements do wonders for me."

— BJ, Group Yoga Student

Join The Hive

Hive Values

What the Hive is all about.


a simple truth; You are doing the best you can right now. My goal is to help you learn you are capable of so much more.


is helping you understand you have a choice.  I will arm you with information in fun and easily accessible ways so you can make decisions which benefit you.


has a place in everyone's life, and sadly, most of us run from it for most of our lives. Sharing my love with you, as I would a friend or family member, is a promise I made to myself when I conceived this business.


is the cornerstone of Hive Five.

Building, nurturing, and growing a community based on a foundation of Love, Trust, and Empowerment is how I help you create something out of nothing.


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